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The restaurant is home to a 71-year-old residence and a car in an area long known for perennial fruit varieties and now at the forefront of Thailand's newest green shop. Good mood is on the menu if you want to be transformed by the embrace of cannabis-based wellness.

This bastion of traditional Thai medicine opened Asia's first medical marijuana clinic 16 months ago. Chaophraya Hospital is home to one of Thailand's most prestigious medical cannabis clinics, and Ban Lao Rueng is said to be the only restaurant serving cannabis food.

If you are serious about durians, you should hang out in Nonthaburi, the Durian Farm in Thailand, and enjoy the peace and quiet. This farm is not like the Thai fruit farms I visited some time ago, which are tourist attractions, this is a farm with a quiet garden to eat ducks. It's not such a bad dog in life, with its peaceful gardens and licks its shell, but it's a place to go if you're serious. Durias are also found everywhere in Bangkok, such as here in Chiang Mai, as well as a few in Phuket and Bangkok.

I really enjoyed my Nonthaburi Durian adventure and would recommend it to anyone who is a Durian lover. One of the most interesting things I learned during my Durians adventure was the unique durians growing method in Nonthsaburis.

The other Monthong durians I ate in Thailand, all grown in Nonthaburi and all tasting the same variety, were very different. The menu is explained below, but let me tell you that a 1,000 pound durian is a small price for quality, freshness and natural flavor. If you are just eating a normal, everyday street food in Bangkok, it is probably best to be in a more upscale restaurant. It probably looks like you paid a lot more than you would pay for an expensive fish that had a few months to grow and a good time in the sun and grows and grows in nonthsaburis.

You can eat it, but it looks like you spend a lot more money than you can eat in a normal restaurant in Bangkok or even in Thailand.

Here are some of the places to visit and explore in this stunning province of Thailand. Do not miss to visit these highly rated places in Nonthaburi and experience them on your trip to Thailand!

Here you will find a wide selection of food vendors selling Thai food and snacks, as well as some of the most popular restaurants in Nonthaburi. More than 50 restaurants serve Thai cuisine such as noodles, rice, curry, chicken, beef, pork and many more.

There are about 40 stalls selling cheap Thai food, as well as stalls serving drinks and Thai desserts. At the back of the market you will also find typical Thai cuisine where you can buy noodles, rice, curry, chicken, beef, pork and som tam. There are restaurants offering Thai cuisine, such as noodle shops, restaurants, cafes and restaurants with a wide selection of Thai dishes.

If you are coming from Koh Kret Island, drive to Wat Poramaiyikawas (wadprmayyikawaas) and take a ferry. If you are coming from Nonthaburi, take a taxi to Pak Krets and then take another ferry ride to the village of Pak Pret. The restaurant is located right on the side of the temple and will be on the right near the temple without turning into a small side street.

If you go to Koh Kret, you can reach the restaurant by ferry (3 thb), there is also a daily express boat that goes daily from Chiang Mai to Pak Pret and from there back to Nonthaburi.

A trip to Bangkok would be incomplete without exploring the streets and alleys of this charming province of Nonthaburi. Your journey from Bangkok cannot be incomplete until you have explored one trail after another through the charming provinces of Nonth Aburi!

Nonthaburi is still part of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and has a large number of shops and shopping centres aimed at the rich, but there are also many local markets where you can shop, eat and shop. The markets contain almost everything you would expect from a market in Thailand, and while you can see a few small shops selling Thai handicrafts, the most popular item in Koh Kred is the local red pottery, Mon Pottery. There is a local market and many items already included in the price are cheaper than in downtown Bangkok, although prices are considerably cheaper for tourists in the area. When most Thais eat and shop in Nonth aburi, it is the same as if you were in Bangkok.

Unfortunately it is probably not so common to find authentic, good and high quality ones in Nonthaburi, as they are more popular in Suphanburi. You can also find some of the same types of Thai food as in Bangkok, but not as good as in Thailand's capital.

More About Nonthaburi

More About Nonthaburi